I am a cancer survivor, who has been dealing with tumor recurrences and treatments since 2014.  My healing journey with Monica began a few months ago with my first cycle of chemotherapy. Whereas Monica and I grew up as dear friends in India, our paths diverged as we grew older, and crossed again more recently at a time when I most needed her help.


Beginning as agnostic and not spiritually inclined, my sessions with Monica have been truly remarkable. For instance, in our first session, she guided me through two hours of deep meditation –incredible, for someone who had never meditated before! She guides every session through a series of vibrant visualizations and Light, accompanied with energy healings of the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual bodies of the patients/ clients.  Tapping into these energy fields, she is able to identify and heal their current or potential physical, psychological or spiritual discomfort.


What I have gained is not only an immediate alleviation of my physical symptoms (on account of the chemo), but also an experience of inner wellness and peace that lasts well beyond the immediate sessions. In the healing sessions themselves, I’ve experienced energy vibrations, physical sensations of extreme cold or heat energy, a brightening of the space around me and always, immense peace and calm. The sessions have brought relief to feelings of nausea, fatigue and muscle soreness brought on by my chemo treatment and these have, over a period of time, lessened much in their intensity.


More importantly, Monica’s deep intuitive awareness helps her identify and treat issues in her patients’ psychological and spiritual domains. In a short span of time, I’ve experienced this many times over; however, one example stands out. I had been suffering from a persistent, gagging, sometimes excruciating, pain in my throat. Monica diagnosed this as the result of an existing spiritual connection with a close, deceased relative, which needed to be severed and healed. Not entirely understanding, I however, decided to trust Monica’s suggested path of action. I have since been completely healed of this pain.


Monica‘s work emerges from her own Near Death Experience and her first hand experience thereafter to courageously heal herself of a life threatening illness through meditation and energy healing. This is one of her biggest assets, and I, for one, draw so much strength from it.  She shares her gift of healing ever so often, over and above her own personal comfort. She is compassionate and loving, and always gives of herself unstintingly, unselfishly in every interaction, session and beyond.


Mumbai, India


These sessions have helped me in changing my view towards life in general. Other than the obvious depression, Monica rightly pointed out and helped with issues I had with my left knee, acidity and kidney stones I had years ago. These sessions have helped me develop inner strength to deal with issues I have faced from years. Thanks a lot for all the guidance. 

Jay Shah

Mumbai, India


I have known Monica for more than 15 years and we have kept in touch as friends. It was only in the recent past did I discover the side of Monica that was a pleasant surprise. Monica came as a blessing for me in my times of high stress when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was Monica’s positivity that comforted me. It is uncanny how she reaches out to you, right when you are in need. And I also wonder how she does it without getting fatigued. In our interactions I have never found her sounding stressed. I recently needed help as I have been going through uncertainties in my career and life, which brought in a lot of anxieties, affecting my daily life. On Monica’s guidance I learnt ways to streamline my thoughts and her healing touch made a huge change in the way I perceived things and in turn opened a few doors for me.

What’s extraordinary about Monica is her openness to reach out to people. If ever there has been someone in need of help and healing, Monica has always shown willingness to reach out and help the troubled soul. I am witness to quite a few lives that she has touched and transformed. What Monica points out sometimes can be enigmatic but it’s probably for a reason. I find that her solutions offered are simple changes in your lifestyle, but eventually make an impact for the better.  

And at times the impact of her healing is immediate. I had suddenly developed an acute backache. I hadn’t discussed this problem with Monica. But during our session, she sensed blockage in the precise spot where the pain persisted. After Monica identified the blockage, the pain went away right during the session. It was a huge relief, to be rid of that nagging pain. I am thankful for to have encountered Monica’s healing ways and I hope that many more will benefit from her in the future. Thank you Monica!

 Swapnil Raje

Mumbai, India


I am beyond grateful to have had spent so many wonderful hours with Monica. She is not only a spiritual guru, but has become an amazing friend over time. Her essence and her being, is simply love. If you are lucky enough to be in her presence, you can feel it.  

It was September and I was stuck in a place, almost unable to move forward. Thankfully things changed when I heard about a woman who was an intuitive energy healer. She had helped a very close friend of mine and I was like “give me her number.” An overwhelming feeling came over me, that I was supposed to be doing this. I had spent the past ten months just getting through life - working, eating healthy and accepting every invitation that came my way. But my son’s passing left parts of me shut down, void of my real energy. 

I will never forget the day we met. My sister and I drove up from the beach to Richmond on a Sunday afternoon. As she opened the door, I just smiled. 

It was like I was looking at an angel, she radiated this light. I followed her into her studio and we talked, sharing our stories. In the next hours, I sat with my legs crossed, hands turned upward and started to breathe deep. She guided me into the first of many of her empathically lead energy meditations that were channeled specifically for me, that ultimately began my healing. 

I always felt a little tapped in to the spiritual world, maybe I had an elementary education in the field. My years of yoga had been meditative in a physical sense, but this kind of stillness transcended anything I thought I knew. The talk of chakras, metaphysics and the Divine were more familiar than frightening. I was getting a higher education. The more sessions we had, I realized this was not just a fix, but a real commitment. It was not going to be easy, but it was leading somewhere I had to go.

Starting to connect with my inner guidance too, I was eager to go at it alone. I loved to sit in my chair in front of the computer at home with my headphones on with the slightest sound of music in my ears. I felt free to go out into a space full of moving energy that presented in the most beautiful moving shades of light. It was ever flowing and gave me the sense of peace, as if my soul was dancing.

We had the most compelling conversations, again lead by her intuition as part of our sessions. In sharing some of the same beliefs and ideas, we sometimes lost tract of time speaking on subjects like the subconscious mind, holistic medicine, and our individual soul’s journeys. I paid attention to everything she said, so I wouldn’t miss anything. Mainly because her words only spoke the truth. This is unconventional thinking that challenges many beliefs, and mainly around religion. I had spent my fair time in churches and also felt so much warmth in Temple, but this was somehow different. It was real, close, and intimate to me and my heart.

One of the most important lessons she taught me was to…let it go. I learned from her what it took to really get in touch with my thoughts, even the ones I didn’t want to. Isolating them one by one, totally embracing it…whatever it was. In meditation, is when I allowed myself to feel with my five senses - all of it. There were days I would cry in grief and sadness, pound my fist in anger of what was happening, and then smile in joy of distant memories. I was learning so much more than meditation, she was teaching me about life. Accepting it as it came, not reaching for it, running from it, or suppressing it like I been conditioned to do my whole life.

She promised that amazing things would start to happen if continued with the deep cleansing that came from the energy work and they did. I started remembering my dreams and they were vivid, shedding so much insight into another world. The analytical and intelligent aspects of me that had been dominate were starting to be put in their place like a puzzle, allowing this creative side I didn’t know I had to shine through. I was trusting my soul first, before anything else. It not only never failed me, but lead me down a path, approaching everything a new heart-centered way. And when that happens, everything else just flows.    

They say a true healer holds the space for you to heal yourself and I am a testament to her doing that for me. She didn’t give me all the answers, she instead let me find my own miraculous way.  

Here’s to you Monica, the universe does everything you said it would, and I can’t wait to watch it unfold for you.

Wendy Goldberg

Virginia Beach, Virgnia, USA


Over the last ten years, my nighttime sleep habits have deteriorated. I would awaken four to five times per night. Although I would be in bed for eight hours, the time actually spent asleep amounted only to four to five hours. I have worked with Monica for about six months in bi-weekly one on one sessions, and put into practice her meditation techniques. As a result, my sleep habits are improving. I was motivated to engage her for two reasons. First, it was clear to me when we first met that she has the gift of empathy, meaning that she seems to be able to sense my internal feelings. Second, because she had an out of body death experience, she has a different perspective on life and living.

              Typically, during each session, Monica would initially ask me to explain how my sleep habits are evolving and whether I am experiencing any problems in using meditation to improve those habits. At that point, she seems to sense empathically areas of sensitivity or blockage in my mind and body. She then guides me, through a series of meditative thoughts and imagery, into a deeply relaxed and calm state. She says that she is a conduit for the transmission of healing energy (a talent borne of her out of body death experience).  There are times when I can visualize colors and feel energy vibrations within me as she suggests them. Sometimes, after a session, there is a palpable sense of mental relaxation, almost like a headache has gone away. Clearly, something positive is happening at these sessions.

              For me, the goal is to recreate this relaxed state of consciousness at home and especially at night when going to sleep. I have found that, by visualizing Monica during a typical session at her studio and attempting to tap into her mental energy,  I can relax enough to fall asleep. This is not yet a panacea but the results so far are very positive and I’ll continue down this path.

For people who want to avoid remediating sleep problems with drugs, they should give serious consideration to engaging Monica to address their plight. 


Richmond, Virginia, USA


I am writing with a lot of gratitude. Monica Rao was referred to me by a friend as the best possible person who could help. I didn't have any hesitations about working with her. Initially, I was shy to open up about my limitations to a relative stranger. However, her calm demeanor put me at ease and needless to say, her guidance has been incredibly helpful. 

Over the last two years, I'd repeatedly get stuck in a loop of lethargy, guilt, anger and shame. Thanks to Monica, falling into those loops has reduced significantly. I have always been a quietly determined chap. That determination had got depleted. Now I can sense it returning to me. That is a big relief. The best thing about working with Monica is that her techniques are effective. I haven't felt so self controlled and clear headed in a long, long time! Monica’s guidance has helped me tune in to my sixth sense, which had been dormant so far. I could almost see and sense my chakras whirring all throughout her guided intuitive channeled energy work. In practice, I find myself speaking my mind more assertively. Also, people have become warmer toward me.

I recommend her service. Other services try to be impressive/effusive. Monica’s is 100% effective. That's the USP of her channeled energy guidance and Spiritual Life Coaching. The crucial thing to be remembered in Monica’s case is that her gifts are rare and ensure deep transformation. So being open-minded is a must.

Thank you for everything!

Aniket Ghatnekar, Wealth Manager

Mumbai, India


When I entered the space for a presentation from Monica Rao, I could feel her warm and loving energy immediately.  She spoke of her near death experience and subsequent wisdom that she had attained. I loved hearing her speak, Monica is very well spoken and funny, very engaging.

I also liked that she is very down to earth and honest. Monica spoke of her experiences, yet she also stated that there were many things for which she had no explanation. She was honest about that. After telling her story, the main concept, for me, was that there is a loving Energy around all of us. We have ways of coping with perceived stress, that can eventually show up in a physical “dis-ease” in our physical body. She also spoke about ways for us to be healthier, in all aspects, by being open to the Loving Energy, Light, Love, God, Goddess, whatever name you choose.

She began with proper breathing. This technique alone really helped me with calming myself in times of stress.  Learning how to breathe to improve circulation and health made the day worthwhile for me. However, there was more, so much more.

Monica was very sensitive to all of us in the room. She seemed to reach everyone on their current level without even trying. When she first spoke to the group, she asked: “How is everyone doing?” In my mind I answered: “She already knows how we are doing.”  I recognized her perceptive abilities immediately, yet I felt no judgement from her at all;  her compassion and love for man-womankind was evident.

We began a guided meditation, she gave us many ways to visualize our own bodies and ways to know ourselves deeper. I knew no one there, but the ladies seated on either side of me were very similar to me. They had done some yoga, meditation, and were open to the experience. We all had similar positive results.

During the meditation, Monica spoke to us intermittently.  She guided us through a body scan that I still use very often. It is a way of checking in and checking on your physical and mental wellbeing. I also have no real explanation for this, but I experienced physical healing during the session. Long standing pains related to old injuries subsided and since then (about 6 months ago) they have not returned. My experience will vary from yours of course.  But I was open to her suggestions on practical methods to transmute the negative aspects of your life into positive ones.

Monica also offered many strategies to the group, she was open to the idea that the individuals in the group may need varying modalities in order to heal. She also warned me that while physical healing is fantastic, it is just the beginning. Next will come spiritual healing which may be more difficult. The spiritual healing is required for health and happiness. This proved to be true for me.

I faced some issues in my life and did make changes and have experienced a great peace that I have been seeking for a long time. I view my experience with Monica as a catalyst for the changes I have made in my life.

At the end of the session, we all spoke. Many times during the session, Monica would say: “Someone is having pain in the left foot. Let’s work on that for a bit.” This happened several times. I myself had a thought when we were meditating: “Hey! My knee hurts, don’t leave yet!” She verbally replied to my thought, and said: “Someone is having knee pain, let’s stay here for a minute more.” So Monica is so connected to Spirit that I felt she was communicating directly with me without talking.

This again, I cannot explain, other than the fact that Monica has been given a great gift that she shares with others with such love and devotion.  Her classes are beneficial to anyone. She is so adaptable and open that I believe she could cater her presentation to just about any audience, from children to CEO’s. Monica brings love, light, and beauty to our world. Not just from her classes that she offers, but also through her stunning art work. I wish everyone could experience being in her presence and the subsequent healing that I had.

Sincerely, Maggi Ward

Richmond, Virginia, USA


I was given a chance to meet with Monica through a friends generosity. I had fallen off my bike and my neck was  in constant pain,along with my right arm  riddled with shooting pain. After hearing Monica's amazing story, she asked my to lie down and close my eyes. She breathed energy into me for an hour. During this I could feel electricity running through me,I saw bright colors of blue and red and I felt very far away. She spoke to me, telling me she found areas in my neck and back that were troubled. This was amazing as I had not told her I had pain. Monica told me she had to open up my roots .I felt like the ground was opening and I was falling slowly into it. Then,she said she was done-our session was over-and please open my eyes slowly. That's when I realized I was crying. I felt renewed and energized. My neck was feeling better and continued to heal over the next weeks. I highly recommend Graphoria/Monica Rao. It's miracle work.

Kim MacMillan

Richmond, Virginia, USA


I met Monica in the last year at a friend’s home.  We immediately connected.  What I love most about her is the her genuine care and concern for people around her.

As we sat eating lunch one day I mentioned the pain in my hip.  She is very intuitive, and she right away said it’s affecting your gait isn’t it?  I realized she was right.  The uneven gait was creating even more imbalance and ultimately more pain in my hip.

When I got home from lunch I noticed that the pain had subsided!  I texted her; did you send me a blessing during lunch? She had. The energy she sends is so healing and loving.  I felt so taken care of and very grateful.

I then took a couple sessions of healing with Monica this year.  I had an injury in my hip from a spinning class because of which I was having trouble and pain in moving and standing.

After the two sessions I noticed a marked difference in my leg and hip.  The tightness which had griped my upper leg for two months had loosened up.

Separate from the result, the process was enjoyable also.  The session was very meditative and I found myself in a beautiful space of love and light.  

As always when one is so connected to one’s own source, intuition and clarity dawn.  In the days after the session I recall experiencing more connection to the world around me and to myself; I I heard my intuitive thoughts clearly.

Monica is a gifted healer and dedicated to uplifting her clients not just from physical ailments of the body but also removing mental and emotional blocks to a full blossoming of the spirit.


Richmond, Virginia, USA


She was like the missing piece in the puzzle! A very very important missing piece. Monica came into my life when I didn’t even know how much I needed her and her guidance. Life has not been the same after that. 

Her ability to awaken within me the strength and focus is something I can never express in words. Her calm, non judgemental, yet very life changing approach has made me realise that the Universe sent her to me and I found my life’s calling. 

I cannot believe it was only 8 months ago that I met her for the first time and now I’m living the life that I always intended to live but never did! 

Monica, with her intuitive powers, just knows what it is that is a block within you. She can identify it with so much clarity that it evokes within you the strength to  overcome and also live upto your fullest potential. 

Never have I loved my life so much and never have I experienced the happiness that Monica made it possible for me to realise! 

Blessed I am to have found a TRUE friend. So selfless and so full of love and light. She’s a rare Gem. Monica thank you for seeking me out! 


Mumbai, India


I met Monica through a common friend in India toward the end of last year. It didn’t take me long to realize she was unique. As she shared her tryst with a near-death experience, and transformation thereafter, I knew I was in the midst of a healer. When I requested for a reading, Monica tuned into my spirit. She went on to share personal details that she couldn’t possibly have known. She also pointed out the energy blockages  that existed in some of my chakras. She was gentle and non-judgmental – signs of a true healer in my opinion.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but my healing had already begun. When I returned home a couple of hours later, I felt lighter…as if a physical burden had been lifted from my 100lb body. Monica had graciously begun to work on my blockages – all this without charging a single penny.

Monica and I have continued to stay in touch since. On a bad day, she magically reaches out, soothes me with just the right words, facilitates the release of toxic thoughts. If I message her on a day when I am aligned with the Universe, she just knows I’m in synchronicity.

Thank you, Monica. I remain indebted.

Love, Girju. Screenwriter.

Mumbai, India


After an accident a friend of mine recommended I see Monica to help me heal. I was skeptical at first and had no idea what was in store. I decided to give it one month to see what would happen. Almost one year later I still see Monica regularly. Monica’s energy work has been nothing short of incredible but what’s helped even more is her intuitive channeling. The specific things she says through channeling directly reaches the inner most part of me. Cutting through these many layers has helped me set my life on a whole new trajectory. My son now sees Monica. She has a real gift; I recommend her to everyone!


Richmond, Virginia, USA
Monica Rao is a tremendously intuitive and thoughtful healer who uses her extraordinary gifts with much care and grace. My work with her has led to deep and lasting positive changes in my life, much more so than I have experienced with any other type of work. In the face of a very difficult situation, Monica taught me how to gain a sense of peace and control over my mind and emotions so I could approach the situation with clarity and focus. She helped me to become aware of old patterns of behavior that were contributing to my situation and to heal from the old wounds that were causing those patterns. My work with her also resulted in changes in how I view myself, ultimately leading to changes in how others view me, as well. My work with her was profoundly healing on many levels, and it also provided me with tools to use on a daily basis to maintain a sense of balance, peace, and clarity. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a gifted healer. 

Kathie O

Richmond Virginia, USA


"Monica lead me through enhanced, deeply healing meditation, which proved to be an intense and powerful journey each time. With her strong intuition at the helm, she was guided to identify areas that were blocked or needed healing. Her words throughout our time, seamlessly held just the right space for the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to align, making each session a purposeful and beautiful shared experience."


Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


"Monica arrived in my life at a low point. She listened patiently to what I saw as my problems... She did a healing session afterwards at which I felt darkness leave and so much gold light and love pour into me. It wasn't just that she taught me to breathe and renewed my subscription to joy, but also on a practical plane helped me allow the job I had been seeking for over two years to come to me."

Chatura Rao, author and journalist.

Mumbai, India


At lunch one day I confided to Monica that I was feeling despondent about finances and being supported by the universe. I had finished a healing certification and yet was struggling to attract paying clients, a new business venture idea had fallen through, and all the doors to going back to IT work were still closed. Monica offered me a free healing session to experience her work and to remove blocks pertaining to earning again and setting my life in this area back on track. 

During the healing Monica helped me articulate a block that spiritually and emotionally I was in conflict with earning money through healing, because I carried the program that my healing practice is a part of my spiritual practice, and one does not earn money from ones spiritual practice. In essence, I was sending the universe mixed signals. On a physical level I wanted to earn money with my healing certification, but on a spiritual and emotional level, I did not. 

Monica helped me clarify to myself that I did want to begin earning money again, and if not with healing, then in some other way. A few months after my session with Monica I was offered a position as the Executive Director of a non-profit in the solar energy space. Being of service to the Earth and the environment is another important area of my life, and I am grateful that Monica helped me open up to other earning opportunities.

I grow stronger in my trust of the Divine and its application in my life in bringing windows of opportunity my way (versus me having to search them out). 

Monica is a wonderful example of what it means to be in a trusting relationship with the Divine. 

Anyone who is not able to "go within" to discern blockages or to move past them would benefit from being with Monica and having her guide you within to remove them. Monica creates a safe environment that allows you to be honest to yourself and the process. 

Danielle F. Leonard

Richmond, Virginia, USA


Monica has a true gift as an intuitive healer. I worked with Monica for a series of sessions and she was able to help me deepen my meditation practice. Through her energy and intuition, she guided me inward and I was able to identify areas where I continued to be “stuck.” The clarity and peace that resulted was another turning point for me in my journey. I am grateful to have Monica teaching at ONE Wellness where even more people are able to benefit from her gifts. 

Elizabeth Krusen, Owner of ONE Wellness, Richmond’s premier Wellness Center

Richmond, Virginia, USA