Personal Background

Monica Rao, MSA has been a passionate meditator for more than twenty years, originally trained in Mumbai, India. Following a near death experience, she is fully healed. She was diagnosed with a rare life-threatening syndrome. In the months that followed, through deep meditation and Intuitive Energy Healing she was guided toward a root cause of this disease. The healing occurred at a rapid rate.

Following her near death and out-of-body experience, her ability to connect with source energy and channel this powerful healing energy became heightened.  It then flowed through her magically. Her meditative practice took a quantum leap allowing her the ability to fully connect to her inner soul through powerful spiritual awakening and a full healing from this illness.

Through deep spiritual cleansing, removal of stored dense negative energies and limiting belief system programmed from childhood, she has been free of medications and leads a beautiful life filled with vitality, joy, gratitude, creativity, passion and peace.

She conducts private one-on-one sessions, group sessions, organization/corporate retreats, guided healing meditation workshops on a regular basis at her studio or home/office visits.

She is a full-time Transformative (Intuitive) Energy healer, Meditation Coach and is a Transformational Spiritual Life Coach. 

Who can benefit from signing up for sessions?

For those who feel stressed, angry, irritable, imbalanced, have an obsessive or an addictive personality, have sleep issues, fearful, anxious, lack self-love, lack self-confidence or lack self-esteem, signing up for a one-on-one or a group session is usually very therapeutic. If you are dealing with pains and illness or recovering from surgery or trauma, intuitive energy healing and transformative life coaching could help you get your life and your emotional health back in shape.

These sessions have proven to be valuable to those interested in leading a life of joy, harmony, balance, purpose, creativity, good health and love and preventing the on-set of dis-ease before it occurs.

While meditation is not a means to the end, it is indeed the pathway that leads her in accessing information pertaining to the root cause of a condition, diminishing the situation or dis-ease. Through Meditation, she channels healing energies by targeting these to the areas (organs, cells, systems, etc) in the bodies that need it the most for a rapid turn-around. 

Over the years, she has worked with a number of clients dealing with but not limited to:

Cancers, traumatic brain injuries, traumas,  fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, eating disorders, auto-immune diseases, cardio-vascular diseases, parkinson’s disease, restless-leg syndrome, addictions, obsessions, inability to focus/restlessness, migraine headaches, rashes, allergies, fear, depression, relationship issues, OCD, sleep disorders, etc.

Through her personal run in with a near death and an out-of-body experience, it is her desire to expand awareness of how healing meditation infused with intuitive transformative energy healing can “heal” underlying factors that result in dis-ease in the bodies.


What are limitations of her work? 

This work is preventative but can be therapeutic particularly when coordinated with a medical practitioner.  Since much depends on the extent to which the subject is able to establish and maintain the emotional and physical connection, transformative energy healing (intuitive) cannot itself guarantee physical healing.  On the other hand, most subjects experience strong emotional healing by tapping into energetic blocks within their emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical levels and a remarked change overall.

Contact Monica Rao at:

Please contact Monica at: to schedule sessions, to request rates for groups (groups of 2, 4 or more) /organization retreats/ wellness retreats/workshops/team building or speaking opportunities. She also leads workshops and retreats channeling intuitive energy healing to unleash creative energies and the creation of art (painting).


-Session rates- 

One-on-one sessions IN PERSON/ Skype/ zoom/ Facetime the rate is USD $200 per session.

Remote Healing Requests—Channeled Intuitive Energy Healing Request for reducing aches, pains, removing energetic blockages on Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical levels. the rate is USD $150 per session.

For a remote healing session, a client does not have to be present via Skype/ Facetime/ Zoom/ In-person. When a remote healing session is requested, a time is set based on time zone and healing energies are channeled by the energy facilitator and received  by the client within the USA or Internationally at a specific time when the client is resting or asleep. 

Home healing visits may be arranged for a higher rate. Please email to request details.

Please email Monica Rao at: to schedule sessions.

*For Speaking engagements, retreats, workshops and group healing, please contact: Monica Rao at :

 Forty-Eight hour notice is required for a cancellation or a scheduling change to enable others to be scheduled at those times. 

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made within 48 hours will incur a charge amounting to half of the session rate. 
Cancellations made on the day of the appointment will result in full session payment. 
No-shows incur a charge of the full session rate.

Payment is due prior to or immediately following a session. Clients must pay prior to the start of the month for services. 
For payments due past services rendereda penalty will be assessed. 

Payments for sessions IN PERSON (via facetime, skype or in-person) or REMOTE must be prepaid via: Venmo ( @Monica-Rao-3), check or Cash prior to the start of the session or at the time of the session.

Pre-paid sessions REMOTE or SKYPE-IN-PERSON sessions can be booked by sending an email with a request to schedule an appointment at and pay via venmo, cash or check before the start of the session.

Session Days/ Times: Monday to Friday : Sessions begin as early as 5.30 am to 2 pm.

Barriers:  If cost is a barrier, please contact Monica directly to discuss possible alternatives.  A signed affidavit of extraordinary need may be used in rare cases. 

Rates are reviewed periodically and may change without prior notice. All current regular clients will be notified via email before the new rate goes into effect.